Visiting Relatives in Cullman Alabama

Traveling for us seems to always involve side trips to visit relatives. I guess it is just the thing we are supposed to do. A whole year goes by between vacation time, and we have to spend some of it visiting people we see only once a year at vacation time. I always am happy we stop to see relatives we do not see much after the fact. However, I do admit to thinking how much I would rather use the days for other things. We were looking at Cullman Alabama hotels reviews and booking information to make a trip to see my sister-in-law. I was, let’s say, less than enthusiastic about the side trip from our southern beaches vacation. I wanted to be on the water, in it or next to it the whole vacation, but I had to make sure my wife got to see her sister when we were headed south.

I figured two days out of two weeks would not be too much to ask. Don’t get me wrong. I get along perfectly with my wife’s sister and her husband. We have a great time when we are together. Nothing seems forced. I like to fish and so does her husband. We both like boats too, but Cullman is five hours from the Gulf of Mexico. However, I found out that my brother-in-law fishes Lewis Smith Lake that is not far from Cullman. He told me to bring my gear with me. Well, I was bringing it with me to do some ocean fishing off the Florida coast, but I packed some lake gear too.

My wife’s sister and her husband have a really nice lake boat. They did not have it the last time we were down. The two days we spent with them were more like vacation days rather than any tedious family visit. They have a small house and two kids, so we always stay in a hotel while we visit them. We do that with any relatives. I do not mind visiting, but I do not want to mess up people’s routines in their homes. I think our relatives actually appreciate that about us. This way we can visit and not have to make anyone go out of their way.