Top 5 Festivals in Rome

settimana-della-culturaRomans have long been known for their celebrations, a habit they still carry today. Besides its rich history and beautiful architecture, Rome offers numerous festivals and other events that always prove to be massive social attractions. Before looking at 5 of our favorites, let’s answer a common question that we see from people planning to make a trip.

How should I arrive at my accommodation place from the airport?

Arriving at the airport, you will most likely be tired and have to carry luggage with you. Going towards your staying place using public transportation in these conditions is not an experience we would recommend. Having to deal with searching for the right route and navigating the streets in a place that you don’t know can be exhausting and even have you get lost.

What we recommend instead is using a Rome airport taxi. The service offers everything a tourist needs the most: comfort, speed and an affordable price for the quality offered. Having a professional company and a driver handle the trip towards the hotel can take a great deal of stress off you and allow you more resting time. Cab drivers are also an excellent way of getting to know some of the local culture, places to see and activities to take part in. Their experience with tourists makes them able to offer some excellent early guidance. Once you are settled, the stage is set for you to have fun. Therefore, let us have a look at some of our favorite festivals in Rome.

1.Festa Internazionale di Roma

This film festival appeared quite late considering the significant contribution that Rome brought to cinematography. Even though it has been around  for merely 10 years (appeared in 2006), it has quickly become one of the most important film festivals in the world, attrating indies and huge stars alike.

  1. Festa de Noantri

A festival with religious roots, it has become an attraction that anyone can enjoy. The tradition is to have the statue of Madonna del Carmine pass through the streets, leaving a festive atmosphere all around it. Art events, street performances, music, traditional food and wine add to a great experience, letting tourists experience the best that Roman culture has to offer.

  1. Roma Incontra Il Mondo

Artists from all over the world perform on a lakeside stage in the Villa Ada park. Impressive trees, beautiful reflecting water and a great relaxing atmosphere make this one of our favorite music festivals in Rome. Besides concerts, there are other attractions such as excellent traditional food.

  1. Settimana della Cultura

“The cultural week” has all state museums and monuments provide free access to the public. Seeing how rich Rome’s history is, this provides a superb educational opportunity for children and adults alike.

  1. Natale di Roma

The birth of Rome is celebrated through historical reenactments, free access to museums and monuments, street performances, fireworks, concerts and more, all adding to a fantastic atmosphere.

Rome has a lot more to offer, with these mentions only scratching the surface of what an experience can be.