Tips for Flying First Class for Less

Not everyone wants to fly. But everyone certainly wishes to fly against lower costs. This shouldn’t be surprising because travel costs are sky high and it is a challenge to maintain and stick to the budget. Although the travel costs are divided into several categories, it is the air plane ticket that is the most troublesome cost out of these. Here are some of the best ways to fly anywhere in the world through the finest class of an airline. Although there is no guarantee over which method would work the best for you, it is worth a try. Many years ago, the only option you had to purchase an airfare was to contact a travel agent. In today’s time, travelers are offered with plenty of choices and it is in their best interest to be aware of them.

1. The Golden Moment

Airfare rates keep on varying with time. The most important aspect of flying first class for cheap is to purchase a ticket in the golden moment. If you know when to buy your tickets, you have done most of the savings. For this reason, it is best to keep on checking the airfares every now and then because they change sooner than your expectations. As soon as you begin making plans to fly, start searching for your options in order to get the best rates.

2. Make Efforts to Earn Free Trips

Free trips are great and worth all the efforts you make. If you have in you what it takes to become a dedicated traveler, an airline can offer you a lot of perks along the way. Almost all leading airlines have been successfully running frequent flyer programs since quiet sometime. Once you become a member of this program, you are eligible to earn miles as you travel to different parts of the globe. These miles can help you to earn an award ticket and you can even get upgraded to the finer classes of an airline. The best part about earning miles is that it is not restricted to only traveling; there are countless other convenient ways through which you can earn miles.

3. The Day Game

It comes off as a surprise to many, but some days work out to be cheaper than the others. The day of the week you’re planning to fly is going to have a huge impact on your airfare. As a rule, you should always avoid booking for weekends because they work out to be the costliest. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are considered to be the cheapest days for flying. Although there are still a lot of ambiguities about these findings, it is worth testing them out.

4. Look for Alternate Airports

When looking for cheaper fares for first class, it is good to explore options that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Less busy airports at times would cost you less than the major airports. Although this would mean an extra drive, it wouldn’t harm if you’re trying to save on your travels.


5 Tips for Awesome Flights

Spring is in the air and summer will soon be here, and that means it’s vacation time. Make this vacation one you’ll never forget by taking an adventure tour. There’s no better choice than heading to Vegas and taking an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon.

Here are a few tried and tested tips you can use to help plan the best trip possible.

#1 Use The Internet When Booking Your Tour

It’s very easy to buy your tour online. You can easily search all the available tours and book the one you want. Not only that, you’ll get the lowest price when you book your tour online. The Internet rate is lower because you book the tour yourself and avoid fees added on by a sales agent. The low price and convenience is nice, but the best reason to book your tour online is that you can lock in your seats so you won’t have to worry about them being sold out on tour day.

#2 Book Your Tour Well In Advance

Many people take their vacations in the spring or summer, so it is a very busy time for airplane tours of the Canyon. For that reason, you should book your tour ahead of time, because if you don’t, it might be sold out. Try to buy your airplane tour at least two weeks in advance, but better yet, go ahead and book it when you book your hotel reservations. Just don’t forget about it until tour day rolls around. If you’re lucky enough to get seats at a late date, you may have to pay a higher price if you buy them within 48 hours of the flight.

#3 Reserve A Window Seat When Buying Your Tour

All seats on the plane provide good views, but the window seat offers the best viewing experience. Buying your tour early means you have a better opportunity of getting a window seat and the ultimate views on your flight.

#4 Buy A Landing Tour

You can book an airplane tour that flies over the Canyon, or you can book one that lands there. Landing tours offer adventure and the chance to see the Canyon from the ground. There are many fun activities at the Canyon such as hiking, visiting scenic lookouts, shopping, taking a helicopter ride to the Canyon floor, and walking on the glass Skywalk bridge.

#5 South Rim Flights Are Available Too

You can choose which rim you want to see when you take an airplane tour out of Vegas, so you may want to visit the South Rim. It takes around six hours to get to the South Rim from Vegas on a tour bus, but you can fly there in around an hour. Once you’re there, you have the choice of touring the Canyon by airplane or helicopter. If you book the longer helicopter tour, you’ll get to see the South Rim, North Rim, and all the park over to the eastern border. In all, you’ll get to see 3/4 of the entire National Park. It’s a very scenic tour that takes you over many of the notable landmarks in the Canyon, so it is worth the price.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you can use this information to plan a fun and memorable airplane tour. Be sure to buy your tour early so you’ll have the best selection in tour options and so you get the best price. You can visit my website if you want more specific information about the tours and if you have questions, you can use the online chat feature to talk to me. A tour of the Canyon is filled with beautiful sights and thrilling adventures, so start planning your trip now before vacation season is upon us.


How to Travel Lighter

Travelling by air is tiresome enough, without carrying two or three heavy suitcases with you wherever you go, but most people take way more things with them when they fly than they really need. With a little bit of planning and some common sense, you can easily cut down the weight of your bags, and the number of bags that you have to carry. Could you last a week on what you can carry in one suitcase? Here are some tips that might help make that possible.

1. Take a smaller suitcase

If you take a mega-sized suitcase with you every time you travel, it’s only human nature that you will fill it to the brim. Buy yourself a smaller case and then you will have to cut back on what you pack. It may sound a bit too obvious, but it really will make you think more carefully about what you do need to take with you, and what you don’t.

2. Skip all the toiletries

Don’t pack things like shampoo, sunscreen, and shower gel. You will be able to buy that when you arrive at your destination. Those kinds of things are really quite heavy and take up space. Unless you are travelling to somewhere really remote, there will be shops, and they will most likely be selling the very same brands that you would get at home.

3. Don’t pack for all eventualities

If you are flying to hot country, there really is little point packing warm clothes “just in case” it gets a bit cold in the evenings. The chances are that it won’t get chilly at all and, if it does, you can wear an extra T-shirt under your clothes to keep you warm.

4. Don’t leave the packing to the last-minute

The best way to pack light is to make a list of what you will need and pack your suitcase in advance. If you leave the packing to the last-minute, you are likely to stuff, anything and everything, you can into your bag and take far more than you will ever actually use.

5. Don’t carry what the hotel will provide

If you are staying in a regular hotel, you can be fairly sure that they will be supplying the towels, a hairdryer, and you will be able to borrow an iron if you need to iron a shirt. If in doubt, check before you travel, and then you won’t need to carry anything that the hotel is able to provide.

6. Don’t double up on anything

On a short vacation or business trip, no one is going to notice you wear the same pair of trousers every evening and, if they do, so what? Packing light means packing the bare minimum, so there won’t be room for a complete new outfit every single day.

7. Only pack a maximum of two pairs of shoes

If you are going on holiday, you might need one pair of smart shoes for the evenings and a pair of comfortable shoes or trainers for walking around in during the day, but much more than that is just a waste of space and extra weight. Shoes can be heavy, so wear your comfortable pair for the flight and just pack the smart ones in the suitcase.

8. Don’t pack your home luxuries

You can live without tomato ketchup and your favourite brand of coffee for a week or two, so leave all that kind of stuff at home. Embrace the local culture instead, and eat the local food. It’s all a part of what makes travelling so much fun.

9. Wash clothes while you are away

If you are in a hotel, they will no doubt have a laundry service, so you can get clothes washed that way. Otherwise, you could always wash out a few small items, like socks, in the sink in your hotel room. It’s just another way that you can cut down on what you will have to carry.

10. Don’t roll up clothing when you pack

Rolling items up does mean that you can get more into a suitcase, but it also means you have to unroll them and then roll them back up again when you go home. It’s much easier not to pack too much in the first place and then you won’t have all that weight to carry around.

Travelling light makes a trip much easier and a lot more fun. All you’ve got to do is think a bit more carefully about what you really need to take with you and what you can buy when you arrive at your destination. Long haul flying is stressful enough, so why make it worse by carrying way too much luggage?


Travel Tips That Can Make Your Adventure Memorable

Adventure_travelAt least once a year, you must go on an adventure – visit some excellent destinations, either domestic or international. This is a great way for you to unwind, have fun, learn new things, and enjoy life. Do not just work all the time. You must also allot a week or so for a getaway. Having a getaway will great help you become more productive, not just in your work but in life as well.

Some Excellent Travel Tips You Must Remember

Pack light – Every time you go out on a vacation, consider packing just what you need. You must not pack all things in your home. Bring only those that you will need. Certainly, you would not enjoy looking into some great views if your mind is on the security of your things. With light bags, you can certainly move farther and easier – you will see more great views. You have to leave heavy jackets at home and learn how you properly launder your own clothes.

Bring an umbrella – A sturdy yet light umbrella may save your trip when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Having an umbrella will ensure that you will still go outside and explore even during wet times of the year. Remember also that umbrellas will protect you when the sun becomes very harsh.

Be sociable – It is indeed fun to travel with your family or friends. However, people oftentimes tend to just stay within their group rather than conversing with other travelers and the locals. If you interact with other people, you will know a lot of things like the local’s way of life, and most importantly, you will be able to create new and lasting friendships.

Wake up early – Certainly, night outs are fun. But you must also remember that there is also something great about getting up early. Among the best views you can witness by waking up early is the magnificent sunrise.

Be organized – A well-researched travel itinerary is fun and it will certainly help you make the most out of your own trip. But sometimes, going on a trip without a list of where to go is memorable and exciting.

Keep a journal – Many people today bring cameras when they travel but only few keep a travel journal. Photos are without a doubt great; however, they do not capture your emotions and thoughts the way writing can. So apart from bringing a camera, consider having a travel journal as well.


Travel Tips For Adventure Travel Tours

You’re not ready for adventure travel tours of any kind until you’ve read these five tips.

Pack fewer clothes and more money than you think you need. There are two things you don’t want to happen during your overseas trip. First, you don’t want too much stuff to lug around the world. Travel light, but smart. Second, you don’t want to run out of money. Your money will flee fast as you purchase beverages, distribute tips, and take taxis during your adventure tour. Make sure you have plenty of cash on hand. Remote Himalayan base camps don’t have ATMs. Before departing, be sure you know your credit card company’s policy on overseas travel and cash withdrawal ability.

Read about and research your destination maniacally. You are about to become the guest of another country and culture. Try to understand all you can about your destination. Purchase a Lonely Planet guidebook, explore photos online, and imbibe the experience of the country before you even get on the plane.

Make sure you’re secure. Overseas safety should be on your mind. To ensure the security of your belongings, make sure you have a sturdy and reliable suitcase or backpack. Bring along a padlock for in-country travel. Remember not to lock the suitcase before checking your baggage on your overseas flight. If you do, you may end up with a broken suitcase or a smashed lock. Keeping tabs on your money, passport, and other documents once you’re in your destination is another concern. Some travelers prefer a neck lanyard or close-fitting shoulder bag. Wearing a fanny pack in the front or a travel waist wallet are other good options.

Have a thorough plan, but be flexible. “Schedule” means something entirely different in other cultures and countries. Your well-planned itinerary may disintegrate into insignificance once you’re on foreign soil. Yes, you should plan well in advance, but put some flexibility into your planning. You’ll never know if a train ride will be cancelled, a mudslide will wipe out a road, or traveler’s diarrhea will strike.

Do some language prep. Along with knowing your destination, understanding the geography, being aware of the culture, and knowing a few facts, you’ll need to know some language. Memorize a few key phrases, and become familiar with local language greetings. You probably won’t become fluent in Dzongkha during a ten-day adventure tour to Bhutan, but you should be able to at least understand a word or two.

You’re about to face the unexpected, brave the unknown, and conquer the world like never before. It’s worth your while to have these few tips in mind. Now, you’re finally ready for adventure travel tours.


Tips To Prepare Your Body For The K2 Adventure

Whether you are planning a trek to K2 base camp or want to put your mountaineering passion to the test by attempting to climb the second highest mountain on earth, you’ll have to prepare yourself to fight against all odds of nature. Climbing the highest mountain in Pakistan or trekking to its base camp is not the novice adventurer’s task.

As you ascend to the base camp of the 8,611m mountain in the Karakorum mountain range of Pakistan, the air becomes thinner, oxygen becomes less available and breathing becomes hard. Also notorious as the savage mountain that tries to kill you, K2 poses serious risks to both the trekker and the veteran mountaineer; however, the risks for the passionate mountain climber augments as he or she ascends the mountain.

Height sickness, acute mountain syndrome and pulmonic edema are the common health risks associated with almost all types of adventure to this mountain, but as common sense would suggest, these risks are higher for climbers who aim to summit K2 than adventure lovers who’d simple want to trek to the savage mountain’s base camp. It is vital to understand that the health complications associated with high altitude, as mentioned above, can be life threatening.

The good news, however, is that you can minimize the high altitude risks by acclimatizing and training your body to cope with the environmental factors and to keep functioning even when there is shortage of oxygen. Below are some tips to prepare for climbing K2 and trekking to the K2 base camp:

• Start preparing and acclimatizing at least two months ahead of your adventure. This is particularly important because your body needs at least 60 days for high altitude acclimatization.

• Visit your doctor and get full body examination as your start your preparations and training. Your doctor may recommend you to undergo certain lab tests. If you are fit for the adventure, your doctor will give you a green signal.

• During your training period, make sure to hike and trek as often as possible, starting with lower altitude and gradually moving to higher altitudes if possible and available. With every session of your training, make sure to increase the distance and height, so your body and lungs get habituated to working at high altitude and under strenuous conditions.

• If possible, initiate interval training because it is one of the most effective methods to train your cardiovascular system for high elevations. It involves increasing the heart rate drastically and then leaving it to recuperate before increasing it again. Running on a steeper hill or faster sprint can help train your cardiovascular system for your K2 adventure.

• Train your breathing pattern for high altitude by working on breathing progression, and on deep inhalation and exhalation. This training will help you cope with low oxygen on K2 by enabling you to regulate and maintain your breathing capacity. Practicing deep breathing can also save your from exceeding yourself at high altitudes.

• Never miss a workout because it is very important to keep you safe and fit during your attempt to climb K2 or trek to K2 base camp.

Remember, climbing K2 or trekking to K2 base camp can be a very exciting, rich, adventurous and mesmerizing experience for you, but only if you are in good health and have trained your body for the adventure. It has also been noted that proper hydration is another important factor when it comes to adventure in the Karakorum mountains.


4 Safety Tips While Travelling for Outback Tours

Going out for an outdoor tour often has several aspects to it where most people prefer planning beforehand. The planning includes hotel accommodations, passes to local attractions, booking for local transportation, etc. Apart from that, it involves carrying along necessary requirements such as clothing, medication, guide maps and several other things that may come to use while outdoors. Outback tours are one such outdoor tour that most of us dream of. You not only get to relish delicacies but also get glimpses of the flora and fauna along with the scenic beauty.

If you are being a part of the tours for the first time, it is essential for you to follow a few rules that would help you to have the best experience and thus making you look at things differently.

• Own helpful maps of the places you intend to visit – If it is a land that you have never visited before, the only saviour to help you through would be these route maps. They not only help you with the routes to your destination but often have other details such as the local attractions and how you can get the most out of them. Several tour operators allow you to have a planned itinerary and thus helping you to make the most out of the outback tours.

• Loosen up your schedule – While you move out for such tours keeping your schedule flexible where you may get stranded due to heavy rains or long distance travels from one place to the other. This allows you to not panic and thus enjoying all that you come across to give you pleasurable surprises with every step that you take.

• Take help from a guide – If you have planned your outback tour through a tour operator, you wouldn’t have to search for a tour guide. They would come along as a part of your itinerary. If you plan to travel individually, it is always safe to hire a tour guide who would not only help you accomplish the motto behind your tour and also help you find the choicest places to visit and also the best food that you could relish on. The guides ensure that you are safe and get the most of what you see around you.

• Avoid travelling at night – If you have a schedule fixed for the next destination in your outback tour, avoid night travels. The local people would also suggest you the same. Animals like kangaroos and others are often on the prowl at night and often come out on the road. It would be a distraction to both with at times may lead to a damage to the car and also be fatal for the animal. You could consider an early morning travel which would allow you to have glimpses of the scenic beauty along with reaching the next destination with ease.