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3 Best Ways to Invest in a Safe Trip

Sometimes we have to save money for years to afford a trip of our dreams. When we are finally there, we’d rather spend that precious money on fun and impressions than on paying medical bills or lost belongings compensation. For that sake, it’s better to do some investments prior to the trip to avoid much bigger spending afterwards.

1. Buy reliable and high-quality gear

When you leave abroad, you think of seeing, hearing, tasting and experiencing new culture and not of a torn backpack and callosities on your feet. Make sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes, buy or borrow a good suitcase or backpack, raincoat, sunglasses, etc. They are all easier and cheaper to buy in your home city then abroad. Don’t rely on your old stuff to live through one more trip, because it might not. And this may affect both your travel budget and your health.

2. Take out Travel Insurance

Yes, you have researched your travel destination well, and yes, you are always careful and cautious. But this hardly eliminates the chances of you or your travel companion getting ill during the trip, your baggage getting delayed, lost or stolen, or anything else you might not expect. Dozens of your trips can be perfect but you never know whether your next one will not require a travel insurance, so don’t risk and you’ll thank yourself later for that.

Choosing the right insurance policy isn’t that tedious and difficult and insurers are constantly improving their websites to make them easy to follow. Visit several travel insurance websites, see through the policy features, compare, ask questions if you have doubts, and buy what suits you the best. Like many other spheres, insurance providers sometimes offer discount, loyalty programs, contests and special deals, so you truly have a chance to save on being safe.

Another option you might be interested in is excess waiver. For example, the travel insurance policy states you should spend £50 for fixing your broken mobile device to get this spending compensated. Having purchased this extension, you’ll get rid of that limit and have every penny compensated if needed to.

3. Make Sure to have the Internet Access abroad

Nowadays, mobile apps and various services help us everywhere and this is especially valuable abroad. The trip gets way better when Google reminds you the time and date of your flight, navigation app shows what roads you’d better avoid and in what guesthouse you’d better stay. There is so much out there to make your life happier and easier, so just reach out and take it.

Plan you trip well, invest in it wise, and travel safe!


Traveling With a Budget Constraint

Who said your dream vacation has to empty your entire savings? That you have to enjoy all the luxuries during the journey as well as on your vacation. As long as you get to see and roam around the place you’ve always wanted to go to, it doesn’t matter how luxurious your living standard is there right?

It shouldn’t, not in today’s market where jobs are hard to come by and saving money is harder. Planning a vacation meticulously keeping all the financial constraints in mind will help you make the most out of it, further if you are wise on the saving front, both generally and during your travels, you’ll save money for other vacations as well. In this article, the top ways to save money while on vacation are discussed.


Be flexible in choosing the dates for your vacation – flight prices depend a lot on the time and date of the flight and can vary considerably based on these two factors. If you search hard enough, you can find the most economical flight that fits your budget. This while initially seems like a bit of a drag, is extremely beneficial in the long run. Websites exist which can help your cause, for example Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights from your chosen airport to a choice of different destinations. Be smart and try to travel during the off season as its way cheaper, flights during the weekdays also cost less than those which fly on the weekend. Indirect flights are cheaper than direct ones. Keep such stuff in mind while searching for your ticket and you’re sure to save quite a bit.

A Pointer to Flying Economically:

It’s wise to check all your point cards and see if you can avail a free flight. Also if you have points on several different airlines you ca head over to and convert them to the points you require, also you can buy points if you need them. This is often much cheaper than flying outright.

Not so Fine Dining

A good way to save cash is to avoid eating three times a day in restaurants. Instead go to the local supermarket or shops. They’re usually far cheaper and fresh, ask the locals for the best food they have. They’ll point you to a good cheap restaurant that serves it. Street Hawkers are also a good and economical way of eating, again ask around for famous streets dedicated to selling food. Once every few days eat at a restaurant to get the fine dining feel. But eating locally is much more fun.

The Renter:

Book your hotel in advance as it’ll be a bit cheaper. If you search hard enough you’ll find a good hotel for a cheap rate. Another option is looking for a local who can rent you a room, check out sites like AirBnB which list places which locals are willing to rent.

Other Tips:

There are various other small ways to save money. Use free Wi-Fi facilities abroad to the fullest – as your international data plan may be expensive. Stroll into a coffee shop or a hotel lobby to use the Wi-Fi facility. Exchange your currency while the exchange rates are higher than average. You can also earn some cash abroad while working on things like grape picking for a couple hours. Weigh your luggage before going so you don’t exceed the limit and end up paying extra.


8 Important Things Every Budget Traveler

Whenever I tell people about budget traveling in the present time, when inflation raises its head every other day, they won’t take it under their kind consideration until I tell them the tips and tricks which make it possible. Not every person on earth is rolling with money and yet the wish to roam around all the exotic locations and tourist destinations is the same. Moreover, in my view it is not good to have one’s wish unfulfilled only because of their financial grounds. However, I support the concept of cost-effective tourism as it allows enjoying along with teaching the most important lessons of life in just the communal way.

I love the notion and perception that comes with every kinds nods and understands that being a low-cost nomad does not only mean to save money every each and then but also it is the most trendy and cost-effective way of wandering around. Here are some basic tips by which you can save a lot of bucks during your trip and you could proudly tag yourself as a Successful Budget Traveler.


People often prefer to go on a trip during the peak season. The idea behind this preference is that the tourism companies fill their websites with loads of offers claiming to offer the cheapest deals and discounts. However the truth is off the track. It is a logical calculation depends on the phenomenon of demand and supply. The more the demand the higher are prices and lesser the demand lesser the prices. And remember, the historical monuments, national parks, exotic natural locations are all same all the year-round leaving some exceptions. There are several benefits of sightseeing in an off-season. The very first is that you will have the confirmed booking everywhere. Be it the hotels, trains, flights or car rental sector. You do not have to compromise for your desired brand of services. Moreover, you do not have to pray to get the confirmed and cheap tickets. Apart from that, during the peak season, all the famous tourist destinations are filled with all kinds of tourists. Even if you are riding to some far-flung areas with the aim of finding some solace it is not possible during the peak season. Therefore off-season roaming is more beneficial and cost-effective.


It’s the most common mistake every commuter does whether knowingly or unknowingly. They often tend to book their hotels nearby the famous tourist destinations of the city. Being often flocked by the tourist the charges of rooms are quite high and during the peak season it got almost doubled owing to the increase in the demand. On the other hand, the lodges and hotels at the out skirts are cheap and affordable. You can always hire a taxi to reach to the main tourist destination of the city which is a possible decision to make.


The phenomenon of demand and supply also implements on the air tickets. The ticket flights are sold on first come first serve basis. The last-minute booking is costly and could take away the major part of your balance. All the corporate persons, professionals ride extensively on all the weekdays and traveling on the weekends is the last thing they want to do. Therefore the weekend prices are low compared to weekdays prices. Therefore if you are considering buying the ticket then try to plan your itinerary around the weekends.

Pick Up Your Rental Car First Thing in the Morning

The more early you book a cab more are the chances to get the lowest price deal. Like the flight tickets, the car rental services are also bounded by the availability of the car at the time of booking. So try to book your taxi as early as possible. Go for the smallest and compact ride that can accommodate you along with all your belongings. And if you are lucky enough, then you also could get a free upgrade at the same price.


While excursion, go for the local motels and roadside inns to check out how palatable the local cuisine is as you can always have the best dishes back at your home. Give it a try to taste the local specialty, made with local ingredients and in their own peculiar way. This way you will be more aware of the cuisine designs of different locations.


As a part of business, the tour operators often try to sell the tour package at inflated prices. Don’t hesitate to bargain. The more you bargain the more are the chances that you can cut the better deals. As they are here to sell their products and there is no way that they could let you go. Therefore, always try to bring down the said price and there is every chance that you will get one.


The metropolitan towns and cities are costly than the suburban areas. Yet there are several major tourist destinations in the suburban and small towns and cities. And the cost of meals, lodging, traveling is quite low in small towns and cities in comparison to metro cities. Yet the amenities are all the same. If you are planning to explore this season then it is most probably the chances to learn more about the culture and legacy of different places then you must target small cities for sightseeing, as these are the places where you can find the same. Malls, water parks, fast food chain restaurants may come and go but legacy is something which continue to exist for centuries.


The last but not the least, you should always try to become a guide for yourself, though the guides are useful, but not as much as they charge for their services. Instead of hiring a guide, you can also search over the internet for earlier information about the destination you are about to explore and its weather, traffic rules etc. and many other concerned things so that you could save some bucks.

To close, there is nothing bad and shameful if you don’t have the handful of money. What is bad is the hesitation that forbids you to step out and mingle with the wonderful world waiting just outside at your doorstep.


Money Saving Budget Travel Tips

All that is required when looking to travel on a budget, is a bit of planning. For instance, a great place to find a budget hotel is the internet. They often give you a discount for booking online.

Here are some more budget travel tips:

1) Set yourself a maximum spend amount on a daily basis.

2) Consider staying in a hostel if you are on a real budget. They are much cheaper than hotels. You could even take a tent – the ultimate cheap accommodation.

3) Go off-season. Because there is less demand at this time of year, the prices for accommodation are lower.

4) Look out for discounts. Make enquiries with travel agencies to see what is on offer. They often offer cheap packages.

5) Consider how you are going to travel. Decide if you are going to take your own car or if you are going to rent. Renting a car can work out more expensive. Other cheaper alternatives include taking the train or bus.

6) Consider paying for a flight only and arranging accommodation when you arrive ( Or arrange this in advance as oppose to paying for an ‘all-in’ package that can work out to be more costly ). Local prices are often cheaper as there is no middle-man to hike the price.

7) Ask your travel agent to search for an airline that offers a good discount.

8) Make sure you have travel insurance. Not having it can prove to be very costly if you are unfortunate enough to incur losses due to medical expenses or lost luggage etc.

If you arrive at a destination without a reservation, there are hotel booking services at most airports and train stations. They will charge for this service. A map can also help you to save money, not to mention making your holiday a more enjoyable proposition when you know where you are heading in the surrounding area of your accommodation.